The Startup Club At ESMT Berlin

The ESMT Berlin Startup Club allows ESMT students and alumni to exchange ideas, support and experience around all subjects related to the entrepreneurial environment. Our purpose is to allow for members to get first hand insight into all phases of the lifecycle of a company, from the business idea to market penetration and establishment all the way to the IPO, acquisition or insolvency.


The ESMT Startup Club invites you to participate in the ESMT HackNight 2019. You’ll be challenged to collaborate with like-minded individuals to conceive and design an innovative solution that will help deliver the education that the workers of tomorrow will require. Build your team’s prototype from scratch and pitch it to an expert panel of judges for the chance to win € 1,000 per team member.

Look for our latest event coming towards the end of the year, we will update this page with the date as soon as it has been finalized.

Lean Startup Summits bring big ideas from Eric Ries’ books of the page to show how organizations are making them real around the world. Become a part of our wider European innovation community by joining us in Berlin this February. Learn more and register here.

Lean Startup Night is a meetup series designed to help our community connect and swap ideas with one another while learning the nuances of the methodology from our expert network. Each Lean Startup Night is hosted by our network of ambassadors and features a different panel talk, fireside chat or presentation with a mentor from the Lean Startup community and local innovation champions. Learn more about the Lean Startup Night meetup series here.

Share your fail and drink some ale in this event designed to help members share the struggles they had and share with others how they got through he pains of failing at business.

We plan to allow others to share their struggles in this unique event that any members can participate in.

This is a brand new event that will be reoccuring throughout 2019, giving all members a chance to learn from the failures of others. Drink some beer in the process of sharing your fail!






We are a diverse group of students who are passionate about entrepreneurship. Many of us have started our own companies and are passionate about the process of building new and interesting companies. We provide networking opportunities and create contacts with companies in the Berlin, Germany area.

Many of our events are open to the community at large so anyone can join and learn with us.


Schlossplatz 1, 10178
Berlin, Germany, Berlin, Germany

The campus of ESMT Berlin is located in the historic Staatsratsgebäude, the former East German State Council in the heart of Berlin.
It officially opened in 2006 after modernization and restoration and it now offers cutting-edge research and learning facilities for students, managers, business leaders, and policy makers.


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