ACI Consulting Club

Founded in 2020, the ACI Consulting Club is a student-led club at ESMT Berlin with the mission of preparing fellow ESMT students for a high impact career in the consulting industry. A diverse group of MBA and MIM students, our members have experience, education, and interest in various sectors and industries.



What is ACI?    AnalyticsCommunity & Innovation


Our analytical mindset leads to a data driven approach that enables us to conquer complex problems, where we break down an objective into different components, ensuring that we reach the most effective solution.


We benefit by being enriched with diverse approaches and ideas though ESMT’s international community which contains students and alumni from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.


To achieve sustainable high impact value for our partners, we constantly strive to find new and innovative approaches that increase efficiencies and solve problems.

Project Roles

Club Roles


Structure and successfully execute projects in a real-world environment.​

Market Research Analyst

Conduct market research for active projects while building your industry knowledge and network.


Provide resources and infrastructure to support projects, manage the sharepoint and improve club processes

Business Development

Engage with companies, alumi and the ESMT network to source new projects for the club.


Schedule soft skill workshops, lectures and case competitions


Enhance the club's digital presence and promote the club's events on social media.

Our clients

Driving progress through consultation

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We foster a vibrant consulting community at ESMT and a vivid exchange with ESMT alumni working in consulting, while delivering excellent consulting services back to our members.